Documents, reports and other outputs from network Activities.

Outputs by topic:

Scoping Workshop

A workshop was held in Southampton to review the key topics emerging form preliminary literature searhces on IT utilities and also the outputs from the early workshops.

– notes from the meeting – ITaaU scoping workshop

– slides from the meeting – Scoping workshop

Smart Spaces and Diversity

– Smart Spaces and Diversity (11 March, Southampton): ITaaU Smart Spaces workshop report

– slides – Smart Spaces and Diversity workshop

Libraries of the Future

– Libraries of the Future workshop: Bodleian Library, Oxford – 17 April, 2013 – ITaaU Libraries of the Future – Bodleian workshop report

– Libraries of the Future – Literature search (note: this is a work in progress but does provide insight into preliminary findings) – Libraries of the Future – literature surveys V2

– Library roles survey – Roles

– Presentation –  ITaaU Network+ Libraries of the Future (Bodleian): Libraries of the Future – Bodleian workshop

Emerging Economies

– Emerging Economies – International Perspectives: Association of Commonwealth Universities, London – 23 April, 2013 – Report pending

– Presentation –ITaaU Network+ Emerging Economies

Food Chain Security

– Meeting planned – see web page

Origins – background to the theme IT as a Utility

– Foundations of IT as a Utility – academic articles: Academic articles

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