Threats to Openness in the Digital World

Threats to Openness in the Digital World – 24th – 25th November, 2015

The complex and sometimes contradictary challenges presented by the role of official records in the digital age were eloquently presented and rigorously discussed at a 2-day conference in Newcastle this week. Within the imposing and inspiring ambiance of the Great Hall in the Sutherland Building at Northumbria University, a large audience of interested parties relished the opportunity that this event presented. ITaaU was pleased to act as co-sponsor along with the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust. The event continued a line of collaboration between ITaaU and the organisers in the form of work on sensitivity review as records, soon to be increasingly digital, become due for release to the public domain. A more substantial report on the event will follow shortly.


Professor Mary Daly, President of the Royal Irish Academy Digital archives, gave an illuminating and enthralling talk on the role of official records in recording decision-making during times of great turmoil, specifically in relation to some recent Irish commissions and inquiries – including the various Banking Inquiries.


The Great Hall provided a perfect setting for the two-day conference.


Professor Julie Mcleod, Professor in Records Management in the Department of Mathematics and Information Science iSchool, Northumbria University, opened and closed the conference and ensured that the talks and panel discussions were timely and lively.

Further information can be found on the @Threat2Openness blog site: